Styling Frizz Prone Hair // Beauty

Ever since I was a child I have suffered with super curly hair. People tell me that my hair looks better when it’s curly but there is so much technique to getting it right that I often wonder whether it’s worth it.

Frizzy hair is one of the most unimportant, yet crucial problems in my life. I often use the saying ‘when you look good, you feel good’ and my hair is often a barrier from making me feel like I look good. If I wash my hair with the correct shampoo and conditioner and let it dry naturally more often than not, my hair will curl to the desired look.

When I wash my hair there is a process I tend to stick to. I apply a generous amount of Aussie Frizz Miracle shampoo which comes out as a bright blue colour and smells like bubblegum as it has extracts of Australian Eucalyptus plant believe it, or not! It has a rich texture making it easy to apply and to rub in.

Once that’s rinsed out I then add a ‘blob’ of Aussie Frizz Miracle conditioner to suit the length of my short hair. I massage into the tips of my hair and spread the rest over the top of my head.

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t condition the roots as it makes your hair greasy, but I’ve always conditioned my whole head, including the roots, and am yet to face a problem.

Expensive brands are not always the best remedies, yet I’ve found that Aussie products are the perfect consistency meaning I don’t go through them like water! The smell is great and their products REALLY do wonders to my hair.

After washing, I lightly pat my hair with a towel to remove the excess moisture. Once I feel that my hair is at the right ‘dampness’ (for lack of a better word) I add Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance conditioning spray to protect my hair.

I have to say I’m very grateful to Aussie and all their wonderful products. It’s great to know that there are high street products for a reasonable price (still a bit more pricey than what would usually spend, but if my hair needs it, I will do anything!)

Check out their website to see their new 7-in-1 product which I cannot wait to try. It looks so cool!

Thanks for reading as always my dearest moonshines.
Peace and love,

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