The One You’ve Been Waiting For…

Well it’s two months too late but you know what, I wanted to leave you all waiting patiently… Back in August I was chosen to attend Channel 4’s Pop Up Day in my hometown, Norwich. I had no idea what was going to be happening but I had high hopes that it would be a great day.


When I arrived I collected my personalised sticker letting me know which group I would be in, and a pack with our plan of the day. Out of the three groups: TV Production, Marketing and Digital I was placed in the ‘Digital group’ and although I originally wanted to be in the TV Production group (much like everyone else who was there) I was pleasantly surprised with how digital turned out to be.

It was our job to create a digital campaign for the 2016 Rio Paralympics. We were split into groups of four and each of us had a different task to complete. Within my group three of them were studying at university leaving me as the youngest who had just finished my first year of A-levels.

That in itself felt like an achievement knowing that I had been acknowledged and that my skills were just as good as theirs.

Throughout the day did teamwork exercises, app exercises – getting to learn new social media applications such as Vine, Twitter and Instagram (luckily I was familiar with all three) and so much more.

We had to create ways of enticing an audience who wouldn’t usually watch the Olympics/Paralympics particularly young people who may have issues with acceptance.

I could go into great depth about the different tasks we undertook but honestly I think that you have to be there to enjoy and realise how insightful the day was. Each group had to create a hashtag for their online campaign, ours was #whatsyourgameface which can be connected with not only the Olympic games but also the whole country facing adversity.

Honestly, I great fun day meeting new people who had travelled hours to just to spend the day with professionals from Channel 4 and 4Talent. I gained new skills and inspiration for my future career and finally helping me decide what degree I would like to take next year.

If you’re interested in a day like this head over to the 4Talent website to see whether they’re heading to you hometown soon!

They have loads of advice, job opportunities and apprenticeships which are all vital to following your dreams so I definitely recommend looking at their website and following their Twitter page.

If you need any advice from 4Talent they’re quick to reply and everyone I have met from their company have been lovely so I’m sure they’ll be great to you too!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this unusual post from me, I drafted and scheduled this at 2am so I hope it makes sense! Follow your dreams my moonshines (and don’t stay up late, sleep is so underrated).

Peace and love,

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