A Journey Through Textiles…

Hey guys,

This week I decided to change my outlook on my studies. As you may already know I study A-level English Language, Media and Textiles but I always felt as though Textiles was at the bottom of the three – the one I had the least passion for. After searching long and hard for inspiration I still feel I am at a standstill with few ideas of where to take my project.

My A2 theme for Unit 3 is The Natural World. Within this I took my own route to anatomy which I have a lot of passion for. I love the human body so throughout this theme I am basing all of my ideas from the heart (literally and hypothetically) with maps as a presentation technique because wait for it…’life is a journey’ (please be impressed by my use of cheesy quotation).

Like most other teenagers I suffer with severe procrastination, as much as I would love for my work to look amazing I always suffer to get my Textiles presentation look as I expect. In my head my work is A* quality that would be showcased at a worldwide fashion show, but in reality even I don’t like looking at my book!

So my theme is anatomy, I’m looking into the heart and how it changes depending on our mood – whether that be love, friendship or pain etc. I’m also looking at how our heart changes throughout time, how as we get older our heart gets weaker and suffers with disease. I’m creating samples that follow this in the hope to create a very pretty yet meaningful dress at the end of the project.

To me, the heart is our most vital organ and love is the greatest feeling. I (attempted) a drawing of a heart to begin my project which then developed into a variety of samples and artist research.

I love creating these samples with free hand machine embroidery and then developing it with the use of brusho powder (left) and cracked wax (right). From there I looked at the ‘zoomed’ in version of the heart, the delicate veins and arteries throughout the body that makes each individual different.

Slowly but surely, I added more ideas and techniques that have given me a basis for inspiration. As much as I love these samples (the right one being my ultimate favourite) I have come to a stand-still. I have reached a point where my ideas are not going any further.

I have a lot to say about the project as a whole – my ideas behind anatomy etc but I have no idea how I can show this through textiles. Ideally I am going to make a dress out of the cracked wax samples (right) but I don’t know how it would connect with the rest of my investigation. Below is an image of me attempting to draw a model free hand with a sample of cracked wax layered over the top.

If only making a dress was that easy. The cracked wax samples I made were out of silk so the material is very delicate and is also see-through which is not great for a fashionable garment. I’m thinking of layering the silk over another material but I have no idea which one to use! I’m not a fan of pleats but I think that inserting them will give the skirt more structure linking back to my ideas of the heart and ‘the journey’s of life’.

This blog post is a way for me to write down my ideas to reflect upon. I want to look back on this and know where my project has gone and also to show you all my final product which I imagine will look nothing like the image above! Whatever it is I hope to gain some new inspiration over the weekend so I can create new and interesting samples next week.

If any of you have any ideas at all, like literally ANY then I will happily accept them! It would be so nice to have your input to my little A-level project. If you’ve got this far, thanks for reading! You guys are brilliant!!

Peace and love,

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