Marc Jacobs Daisy // Beauty

To sum up this scent? I can only describe it as the smell of dreams. I am obsessed with Marc Jacobs! This post has been a long time coming and I’m so glad I’ve got round to posting about it.

Marc Jacob scents have a tendency to smell amazing and their target market are growing everyday! This particular scent, Daisy Eau So Fresh is probably my favourite out of them all.

Overall, the design of the bottle follows the ideas of Jacobs and his other scents. The somewhat stunning bottle fits with the colours of my pasty bedroom (which is perfect for display purposes). The pale tones look simplistic, but are extremely effective.

The easy application makes this product even better. The lid makes it easy to apply perfume and is securely attached to the bottle when it’s not in use. The product currently three different sizes available Boots (other retailers may have more, but I did get mine from Boots!)

The smallest variation comes in a 20ml bottle with an additional spray which is perfect for travelling. At £24.50, this is the cheapest of the three. The 75ml edition is at £56 and if you’re really obsessed with it like me, you can purchase the 125ml bottle for £72.

Obviously I didn’t spend this amount as I purchased this as part of a deal last Christmas including a Marc Jacobs moisturiser and bag which I believe was £66.

The most vital part of this perfume is its scent. You can often be distracted by the image of a bottle or the brand (which on this occasion I fell for both) but, this product has the full package. You definitely get you money’s worth with this stylish scent that I really hope doesn’t ware off that fast.

Honestly, this scent is delicious! I wish it was possible to go into a shop and try this scent out all the time because it’s amazing! Having it at home, I don’t want to waste it because it’s so good!

If you fancy a spending spree mid-week to make yourself feel better then definitely go and buy this, it’s so good and worth every penny. When you smell good, you seem to feel so much better even when you’re having a very tired, sleepy day!

Peace and love,

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