Do I want to work a nine hour shift?

Originally my answer was a simple no. N-O… No way! After spending five days at sixth form I can’t say that the idea of spending my whole Saturday at work is what I want to be doing. For those who don’t know much about me I work at the one and only pub/restaurant in my village and it has to be one of the most popular in the whole of my city.

Its target market is predominately the large and sometimes kind mature age group. Who may be slow eaters but are very quick to complain about the smallest of things. At work we sell a range of foods from Rainbow Trout to baked beans! The list is endless but most of it is good ol’ pub grub.

I usually work Friday nights straight after sixth form from 6pm to whenever the last customer leaves (approximately around 10:30-11pm) but with lack of staff I have been roped in to work both the lunch and evening shifts on a Saturday which just happens to be the busiest period of the week!

I think the thought of working is a lot worse than actually getting the job done as once I get there I feel fine. I just hate the fact that on a Saturday, after being awake at 7am every morning, I have to up and ready to go by 11 am.


I bet you’re thinking “wow, what is she complaining about? Having to work at 11am I bet that’s such a chore!” *all read with sarcastic undertones* but truthfully, it’s a bit of a pain! I don’t mind the late start but I hate the late finish.

After a long hectic shift I would hope I could just go home and snuggle. But when you get home after midnight and sometimes even later than that you have to ask the question if it’s all worth it. So that’s why I try my best not to work Saturdays.

As much as I may complain or moan I have to admit I do love having my own money. I have worked here for over a year now and in all honesty it probably is the perfect little job for me right now. It’s a 5 minute drive from my house, I can be flexible with my shifts, they let me take off time for events, training and competitions plus I work with some really lovely people.

I just really don’t like the small but mighty stress of things. I hate getting shouted at if I don’t send a meal out on time or if I leave a customer waiting. I hate not knowing what to do when someone asks me to make them coffee. I don’t like it when I am the only waitress working and I really don’t like it when I’m left to sweep the floors and mats, mop and dry the floors by myself at 10:30pm when all I want to do is go home.


But, we have to think of the positives in these situations. I have to think how lucky I am to have a job especially one I don’t know have to travel very far to get to and I get paid higher than the minimum wage which is an added bonus!

If you read this and think “yeah, that’s what I want to do” then that’s grand you can totally have my job! Only kidding, I secretly love my little job although I really don’t want to work this weekend 😦 to my dearest moonshines: work hard and your hard work will pay off!

Peace and love,

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