My Secret Obsession…

I adore… no, I am obsessed with Swing and Jazz music right now. Especially those songs that came out in the 1930/40’s! Honestly, I think my past life was in the 40’s! To begin today’s post I definitely advise you listen to some Swing/Jazz music to get you ‘In The Mood’ (terrible Glenn Miller pun but it’s an amazing song!)


I don’t know where my obsession came from but I’m certain that it won’t be leaving soon. I know my grandparents are huge fans of music of their time period so naturally I listened to it to please them.

After a while I found myself listening to this genre all of time at home. There’s something so valuable about this music, possibly the sense of reminiscence but I always smile when I listen to it. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the latest chart music and as much as I have a ‘gangster’ side of me where I listen to hip-hop and rap on repeat, I really cannot stand its combination with pop music.

I hate how young children listen to the charts and have that to grow up on. From coaching girls as young as five on a weekly basis and hearing them sing along to songs where the meanings are rather inappropriate really makes me wish they would listen to the music I love, where the meanings aren’t just innuendos and swearing.

This post is not a rant, and it’s nothing to do with how the music has been distorted and adapted over the years. It’s simply to share my love with old music. If you don’t know who Ella Fitzgerald is, you should seriously check her out!

Songs such as ‘Summertime’, Dream a Little Dream of Me’ and a classic we all know ‘Cry Me a River’ are a sample of the many songs she has sung. In her time she was an absolute dream and her voice is truly remarkable!

Photo of Ella Fitzgerald

Another one of my personal favourites is Louis Armstrong, a man who worked closely with Fitzgerald and also changed the music industry for the better. His American jazz music is still played today and Jazz music gives me such a happy feeling, it’s remarkable.

What A Wonderful World is probably his most known song and there’s no doubting why! It’s one of them songs that will always be there, that whenever you’re feeling low you can listen to and appreciate what we have around us.

My favourite song of his has got to be La Vie En Rose. To me, the song is traditional Jazz that I adore and makes me want to dance. It’s incredible how an instrument can make music to transform feelings – I think that’s why I love it so much. He’s an absolute legend who needs to recognised for decades more.


To my dearest moonshines: what is your favourite genre of music? Am I the only teenager in 2015 that adores music from 1940’s? Who knows?! Let me know your thoughts. leave a comment or fill in the contact form. Whatever you decide to do I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far!

Peace and love,

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