Marks and Spencer’s Summer Box // Beauty

What an amazing summer it has been! Every year I love summer and now being back to sixth form is a real struggle. I miss lying in every morning and spending all day watching Netflix (it was clearly a hard summer). I miss waking up so late that I miss eating breakfast and lunch and eating tonnes of cake in the late afternoons while dreaming of a summer body.

One thing I did get this summer was this lovely and free (yes, you heard it correctly… FREE) beauty box from Marks and Spencer. I actually got given this from my grandmother who got this for free as an avid M&S shopper or advocate (she’s probably their most frequent customer I swear!) after spending over a certain amount of money in store.

She’s not one for beauty products so gave it to me, what a babe! This box contained loads of free goodness including fake tan, face masks, hair masks and nail varnishes… thank you Marks and Spencer! So I’m going to talk about a few of these products that can be bought separately and are honestly brilliant!

So what’s included? 

Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask 15ml
Philip Kingsley Swimcap 50ml
Ultrasun Face Protector SPF30 25ml
Fake Bake Amplify Daily Gradual Tan 236ml
Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour 3 x 4.6ml
James Read Sleep Mask Tan 25ml
M&S Sun Smart Moisture Protect Creme Gel After Sun 200ml

After a line up of some top quality and pricey brands the first thing I tried was one of the free… I mean THREE nail varnishes. The one I used was coral but with a hint of red (I don’t know what this colour is reddy-pink?) This vibrant tone is a beautiful colour and lasts a reasonable time on my nails.

I painted my toes with the Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour and love it! It definitely tops off a summer look and looks great with any colour sandal! Next I tried Fake Bake Amplify Daily Gradual Tan (pictured below) you get just over 200ml of this creamy moisturiser that smells great. I often find when using a tanning product I end up smelling like I just walked out of a curry house.

This one just smells sweet and it’s much more appealing to me if not I get hungry!! Jokes aside, this product gives a medium to dark colour to the skin depending on the quantity of use and is not too over powering. I love this product and not only for its packaging. It’s easy to apply and gives a lovely finish with no sparkly shimmer or sticky after feel. It’s just like applying a moisturiser, perfect for medium to dry skin and for a mini summer glow.

The other product that I can’t stop raving about is Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask that came in 15ml. There is no doubt that Ren do amazing facial products I’ve used them for years! Ren are one of the only skin care brands (that I’ve tried, and I’ve used a fair few!) that helps with my facial spotting.

Although this product isn’t to reduce spotting it has decreased the redness to my appearance. It’s a radiance renewal mask which feels like it makes my skin glow and I feel super clean afterwards… I want to clean my whole body in it! This mask looks and feels like honey and is a little sticky, but it doesn’t dry out the skin. I wish there was more than 15ml included in this beauty box, but I’m so glad that this was included.

If you would like me to review the other products included in this post just fill out the contact form or even comment on this post asking what you would like. I’m always up for suggestions so if I have it I will review it!

I love these M&S beauty boxes so if you ever get the opportunity to get your hands on one, take your chance! I love them and I hope through reading this you’ll love them too!

Peace and love,

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