St. Moriz Dark Self Tan Review // Beauty

I love this product! I’ve just started my second bottle and I’m so impressed with everything does for my skin! All of my family went on holiday this summer and still look pretty dark.

Unfortunately the flight company cancelled my flight as I was going to Tunisia with my friends. We got our money back luckily but didn’t rearrange to fly anywhere else and did stuff at home instead. With that in mind I needed to find a product that could make my skin seem like it had a real tan without looking patchy or orange.

I used this product for the first time last winter and loved the Christmas glow I received. I use the ‘dark’ version of this product that I got from boots for only £4.99. It’s better value than spending over £20 on the St. Tropez version.

The product is a moose and I apply it with the Soltan Beautiful Bronze mit which was only £2.49 also from boots. When using a bare hand the tan makes your hands a very dodgy colour but when you use the mit the tan has an even coverage and a really nice colour.

Like having a spray tan I shave and exfoliate the day before applying. The following morning (usually during my do-nothing-days) I apply a few pumps to my arms and legs and sometimes my whole body if I’m feeling like a super snowflake.

For my legs I normally use 3 layers of the tan especially for cheerleading competitions where it’s regular to tan before we go. I leave the tan on for approximately 6 hours before washing it off or sometimes I leave it on over night to get a darker appearance.

Overall this product this product is amazing and for only £4.99 it’s a bargain that has loads of uses in. I think I’ve used this at least 5 times and the bottle is still reasonably full! On the bottle it says there is 200ml but once that turns into foam the product is long-lasting.

I definitely recommend this product if you’re feeling pale and want that summer glow all year round. Hope you like this review and any ideas of what sort of products you want me to review just let me know!

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