Back to Sixth Form?

This week I went back to sixth form to begin my final year of A-levels. After a six-week summer I thought I was beginning to miss the school I go to, but I was so wrong!

I missed seeing my friends every day but we managed to meet up a lot during the summer and although I had a broken arm, I had so many valuable experiences! It’s one of my closest friends 18th birthday this weekend so we’re treating her to all her favourite things. This alone is the only thing getting me through this week!

Anyway, I really haven’t missed getting up early every morning and having a very exact schedule. I like to just take things as they are and go with the flow, I’m not so good at being organised.

Despite telling myself not to I followed the same problem as I face every year, leaving my school work to the last Sunday evening of the entire summer. (My advice to you is don’t leave it to the last-minute. Nobody wants to be writing a 3000 word essay at 2am the day you start school!)

I have been posting more regularly over the summer and scheduling posts for September, but I’m afraid that now I’m back to sixth form that I won’t be able to post twice a week. I have loved blogging over the summer but it’s really difficult to juggle this, a-levels, family, friends, Cheerleading, work and university applications.

I am determined to update this every week as it would be horrible to lose the small but worthy following I’ve gained but if you don’t hear from me for a while, this is why.


Over the summer I have debating what course to do at university. I had my heart set on doing Drama at Kent but now I think a media degree will be more beneficial and I’m currently very confused. I love media and the future of new media and the development of social media and the amazing concepts that could happen from it.

With this, my passion for media is currently huge as digital is going to take over (I just know it!) My passion for drama is still there but is a theatre degree actually beneficial for me? I have no idea if it’s the right choice as I have visited universities only researching drama courses.

So with my confusion I’ve written two personal statements, one for drama and the other for media and I’m keeping my options open, is that the right thing to do? I’m not sure, I’m just going with the flow.

To update you for what’s going on this September I’m going back to cheer after a summer of injury break. I’m so excited to coach our new team Youth Destiny who are going to be a sassy and adorable group of little ones. I am also going to training three or four nights a week which is going to be tiring, but I’m hoping to gain some form of abs or even a six pack!!


I am attending two more open days at University of Leeds and Sussex in the hope to know what I’m doing by October! I was going to work at PrimEVIL but after seeing how busy my schedule is no time to train there, plus it clashes with cheer training.

Flight School is at the end of September which is going to be amazing. Basically, it’s an athlete/coach weekend for cheerleading. I was invited by the two head coaches at my programme to attend this really cool opportunity and I couldn’t turn it down. I’m so excited to learn new and innovative ideas to use in the youth team I help coach and athlete techniques for myself.

Finally, I will be at the radio station on a Wednesday afternoon, getting trained up ready for our new show. So I’ve just realised that Thursday evenings are my only free night a week!  With five days at sixth form and continuing with my Friday night job at the pub/restaurant, I also have to finalise my uni application and actually see if I can get the grades to get in!

I have to also have two pieces of coursework finalised (which I haven’t started yet oops!) Aghhhh I’m so excited for this month but I also can’t wait for it to be over!

To my dearest moonshines, fill your life with all of your favourite things and surround yourself by people you love. If one person tries to bring you down don’t let that change your ideas or attitude. You’re still amazing, I know it!

Peace and love,

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