Naked2 Palette Review // Beauty

Wow! I’m so glad I’ve got the chance to review this product as I love it! It may just have to be my favourite eye shadow palette I have ever used.

I’ve always been a fan of Urban Decay like most of the female population and I can’t believe how good this eye shadow palette is! First of all I love how protective the casing is. The metal lining protects all the eye shadows cased within and is a chic mink colour.

As much as I love a matte tone to my eyes I much prefer a little shimmer. Luckily you have the choice between either or both when you use this palette. The colours contrast but also compliment each other. I can’t say that I have a favourite colour as I usually use a blend of three or four at a time.

My favourite compilation has to be half-baked at the closest point of the nose, followed by suspect, then Snakebite and finished off with a tiny bit of blackout in the corner of my eye. Gold (half-baked) is one of my favourite colours and really brightens the indent of the eye. The black (blackout) contrasts this and creates a smoky look which is a great evening look.

The most underrated part of this palette is the brush. It’s really quite great! I use the right end of the brush to apply the eye shadows which I then blend using the left side. The blending application is crucial to create the right tones to the eye. I often find that without blending the eye shadow can look a little cheap or tacky and sometimes the colour don’t look as great.

Once blended the colours mix slightly to create a single colour that changes as it goes along much like tie-dyeing in the sense that there is only two colours involved at first, but within the middle there are several new colours that pop up!

All in all this product is amazing and I’m gutted that I couldn’t share this post with you all earlier. It’s probably my favourite of the three naked palettes. There is a new Naked Decay palette out called Smoky which I’m so excited to try! There are more purples and blues in the new palette that don’t exist in the Naked2 palette so I can’t wait to experiment with that at £38 I hope it’s worth it.

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Peace and love,

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