Elegant Touch Nails Review // Beauty

For those who don’t know me too well my most hated habit is nail-biting and I’m a sucker for it. When I’m nervous, angry, tired or any negative emotion I seem to bite my nails. With this horrid habit I don’t particularly want to spend a lot of money to get my nails done often because 1. I can’t afford it and 2.

I probably would bite my nails as soon as I get them done. With that in mind I bought these because they were cheap, easy to be personalised and through self-application it would probably feel like more of an accomplishment to keep them on if I did them myself.

So I decided to try Elegant Touch Total Bare Nails that I bought from Boots for Β£4.69. The picture above is of the other nails I bought in style 003 – Stiletto as they were on 3 for 2 but today I’m wearing style 002 – Oval which is more of a natural look for me.

I believe you get 40 nails in a packet with all different sizes. I’m currently using my second set out of the 40 as I wore the first set over a competition weekend. That was a terrible idea as I was so nervous andΒ although I tried to fight the feeling, I ended up biting them off!

One of my favourite things about these nails is that they come as a blank canvas, like it says in the name they are ‘totally bare’. I love just having a single colour on the nails as they look more natural and believable than painting them with pretty nail art which nobody would believe!

For my first set I used a gold colour specifically Maybelline’s Forever Strong in the colour 820 – Winner Takes It All because it’s gold and well gold is one of my favourite colours! Those nails only lasted me 4 days but the ones I have on at the moment are on day 8 and are still going strong.

I applied them with the nail glue I got in the box and it was surprisingly quite good, good enough to last 8 days and counting! On the box it says they will last up to 10 days but I’m hoping I can have them on longer.

This week I’ve painted them in Rimmel’s Wear Maxx varnish in 393 – Desire which is a lovely deep purple/black colour. I’m hoping that if I keep applying these nails every time they fall off without biting the natural nail underneath in a month’s time I will notice a real difference! I have found that unlike having gel nails these having made the natural nail as weak and by using OPI’s Nail Envy my nails are getting stronger and stronger!

I hope have enjoyed reading my Elegant Touch Nails review. I’m not usually one to care about my nails, but I really hate looking at them when they look stubby and short. With is product they look 10 times if not 50 times better and I have so many of my friends say how great they look! Maybe if I fail my A-levels I will become a nail technician (it’s always best to have a back up!!)

Anyway, thanks for reading my moonshines. Peace and love,


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