New Look Summer Sale

New Look summer campaign 2013

I spent just over £50 in this years summer sale and I could have doubled that! I’m very impressed that I didn’t spend more if I’m honest… I bought seven items and I will be going back for more. I’m a killer for a floral or print pattern and these items sum me up.

The first item I saw was this is double layer high neck top that I fell in love with it was £6 and I would have paid full price for it. I wore this top today surprising and loved it. I bought it from the petite section (as I’m quite short) and although there is no elastic within it, it fits great. I noticed it’s slightly cropped but not too short as I hate showing my stomach when out and about.


This next item is just a cheap £7 pair of denim shorts. I don’t own any denim shorts (they don’t usually fit me right). These I got in the size up and I’m so glad I did. I hate seeing shorts that show a bum line and ride up and show more than you want to show. These are slightly baggy which is exactly what I need for just sitting out in the garden or on a relaxing afternoon bike ride.


Next I saw this beautiful dress. It has a layer over the chest and little cut out sections under the arm which look so cute! This dress was only £10 and actually fits great. Although, if my chest was any bigger I would have had to get the bigger size oops #bigboobproblems. Jokes aside, this dress goes perfect with all things summer and can be complimented with a cute pair of light pastel flats or heels depending on the occasion.


I’m a sucker for a striped top… I believe this may be my fifth striped top! I didn’t have a sleeveless one so for £4 I didn’t mind getting this one. This top looks great with denim whether that’s blue, black or even white! The contrasting texture can make an outfit look casual. I don’t think it’s a good idea to wear this top in a business but I guess if you team it up with a blazer you can attempt to make it professional, although I’m not sure why you would want to do that! Whatever floats your boat I guess…


These gorgeous little faux croc sandals are perfect for summer! I managed to sweep these for £12 and I love the look and feel of these on my feet. Unfortunately I bought these not realising they are wide fitting so they slip off my feet more than they should. I’m hoping that by creating a new hole for the buckle that I can make them fit better around my ankle. It would be a great shame to have to sell these beauties on *sad face*


Another little sleeveless top I got was this little thing for only £4. Tribal prints were all the fashion recently so I thought I should catch on and get this adorable strapped number. The whole 90’s look is in right now (which I adore because I’m obsessed with the 90’s (be sure to check out my 90’s playlist being posted next week!)) and this neck line is just the right length. It’s not too busty or too high neck so just right for the summer.


The final item I purchased was this Parisian print dress. Like I said earlier… I LOVE PATTERNS! This was just the perfect garment for me! It’s patterned, loose fitting, the right length and the colours match everything I love. I thing one of the best things about this was that it was only £11. This item is elasticated and is just right for festivals. It’s easy to take on and off and the sleeve length is great because your little shoulders are peeping are out and when you lift your arms you fall back into the 80’s with those lovely swing sleeves!

Thanks for reading my New Look Summer Sale my little moon shines! I’m impressed to have spent £54 on 7 items and it works out to be just over £7 per item. I’m really excited to share all the projects I have done this summer so please be patient and wait for my new posts! Yay!

Peace and love,

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