20 Songs of Summer

As August begins we say good-bye to my favourite month of the year – July. Although for most countries August is the end of Summer or the peak of the season but I feel that here in England this is where summer begins.

From my knowledge it seems that the hottest moments of the year fall in September so with summer approaching I thought it would be great to share my favourite summer songs. Each song links to their YouTube video or website. At the end of the blog post is all of the songs in my playlist for you to check out  for free on Spotify.

My summer playlist begins with a new album that I’m OBSESSED with! Everything Everything‘s new album Get To Heaven. When travelling to London last week my Mum and I listened to XFM (my favourite radio station) where the song Regret was playing.

My Mum loved it and it was so catchy and easy to pick up we were singing the chorus very loudly across the motorway! With that we also love Distant Past. I believe they are the two most popular songs currently on the album but they are pretty damn good. Great work Everything Everything!


Although this is not a ‘feel good’ summer tune, my next song on my playlist is Hot Gates from Mumford and Son‘s new album Wilder Mind. The song is so chill and is perfect for drinking ice-cold drinks by the beach or pool if you’re abroad or just sitting out in the garden for a cool down.


Next up is one of my all time favourite bands San Cisco. I saw them live in my hometown back in 2013 where I was amazed by their songs. This year they released their second album titled Gracetown which consists of catchy tunes and songs that are so easy to groove to – perfect for summer. RUN is the first song on the album and probably its most top rated one that’s going straight into my playlist as well as ‘Bitter Winter’ which not many people know about but I love it!!!

1zlGa9dhskPbrqvWP3rPlvd7Hc1rxtliiFbFaxWfSan Cisco - Gracetown Album Download

A band I saw at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend was Catfish and The Bottlemen. I only have five of their songs in my iTunes library but personally find that they all sound very similar! I couldn’t tell which one was which if I tried! Saying that, Pacifier is my favourite out of them all and I will be dropping it into my playlist.


I heart Fall Out Boy so much and without a doubt I’m putting ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark’ into the playlist. Every time I listen to it I just want to get up and dance. Saying that I would probably do that for all of their songs!


As much as I hate to drastically change the playlist I have to include BeyonceEnd of Time is going into the playlist mainly because I once danced to this song and I love a good groove and obviously love Beyonce. This song is perfect to sing along to and obviously dance like nobody is watching!


I love Blink-182. Always have done. They sum up my teenage years and I wish I could see them live (I’m optimistic about the band getting back together). First Date is in the playlist just because it’s one of my personal favourites other than Boxing Day. I hate to be that girl who chooses What’s My Age Again but it’s so good so I’ll drop it in.


HAIM are probably my favourite girl band (other than Spice Girls) and I love female power so like Beyonce, HAIM fit so well to my playlist so I’m including Days Are Gone. Probably not the most recognised HAIM song but it sure is good.


Bombay Bicycle Club. That is all. I adore them Luna and Feel from their 2014 album So Long, See You Tomorrow are both in the playlist and I’m not surprised why. They’re both summery tunes that make me feel warm.


There can’t be a summer playlist without The Fratellis. Chelsea Dagger is the song you expect to hear at every teen house party in the UK. For my nostalgic teen memories it would be wrong not to put it into the playlist.


A band that I don’t believe have enough credit are Crystal Fighters. Their songs make me personally feel good and without them I don’t think I could be so high-spirited. For that reason and for so many more LA Calling and You & I from the album Cave Rave are two songs that deserve to be in the playlist.


Jamie T. Singularly my favourite hip-hop artist of the 21st Century. My friend Katie and I love Jamie T more than it’s healthy and after seeing him live I must say I love him even more!! Zombie starts of slow and calm but once the beat kicks in it’s so catchy and easy to dance to. As well as that Stick ‘n’ Stones is one of those songs you wish you knew all the words to. The chorus is simple but the verses are so good that one day I aim to learn all the words!


My final two songs in the playlist are from Two Door Cinema Club. There are so many amazing songs I want in my playlist but I don’t really think a blog post over 1000 words is really necessary. Someday is catchy and upbeat but not too fast which is really what summer is like. My final song is The World Is Watching the song and the band define summer for me and I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving to end my playlist with.


Bit of a lengthy post I know!! But if you have made it to the bottom than do go check out this playlist on Spotify. Click here to listen to it! To my dear moon shines live your summer like you should live every day. With happiness and freedom. Have a great summer!

Peace and love,

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