What’s In My Makeup Bag? // Beauty

I see these posts all of the time and love seeing all the products within them. I use all of my products in my bag nearly every day and without that little Cath Kidston bag I would look a little bit different. Today I will be showing you all of my products with a little review besides each one. I’m looking to find better products in the future but I’m a little daunted by experimentation! If you have any recommended products contact me and let me know as I’d love to hear from you!


Starting off with the bag. I got this lovely little beauty from my favourite bag store Cath Kidston at Christmas. I’m a huge lover for Cath Kidston and flowers and this is the perfect size for fitting all of my favourite and daily beauty products.

For my face I use only three items (or four if you’re lucky!) When I first apply makeup I start with a light moisturiser most of that time I use a ‘simple’ moisturiser as I suffer from dry skin in the mornings. Once that’s applied I add either Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream if my skin is a bit spotty or dry or I just go straight with Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation which I adore! It’s one of the only foundations I have used that covers my uneven skin tone and the few blemishes I get.

After that I apply Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. The cheapest powder I have ever used and probably one of my favourites! I use this product in conjunction with my Fearne Cotton brush from her 2014 Christmas range. I don’t like to use my real techniques set unless I’m wearing makeup for a certain occasion. I don’t think it’s necessary to use my favourite brushes every day for sixth form where people probably don’t notice! The final product I add for my every day look is Sugarbomb from Benefit. I have reviewed this product and several others is the Benefit Haul blog post from last Friday!


Moving onto my eyes… I like to do my eyebrows first because they’re my favourite thing to do. I first comb them through using an old Rimmel spooly. Followed by Brow Zings that without fail I use every day and it’s probably my favourite beauty product that I have ever used! My eyebrows aren’t always on fleek but when I use this product they become a little bit closer to being brilliant! From there I add my Fearne Cotton eye shadow primer to both lids even when I’m not wearing eye shadow because it’s a lovely natural colour. Then I curl my lashes using free curlers I received from Cosmo magazine. My tip of the week is to heat curlers before using them. It’s like straightening your hair. You get a better curl when the curler is hot! Just heat for a few seconds with a hair dryer and use as normal. I also keep a pair of Superdrug fine tweezers in my bag to get to those hard to reach hairs. My hair is so dark so I have to watch out for those nasty hairs all the time!

Then I would usually apply the Benefit they’re real eye liner in a thin motion over my eye lids. I like thin eye liner rather than a thick motion because it looks more natural. Finally I add the they’re real mascara which has no clumps and truly defines my lashes. I don’t use a setting spray but if I’m acting like a true beauty goddess a simple spray of hairspray does the same trick!


Thanks for reading my second ever beauty blog post! I can’t believe it but this may become more of a regular thing? If you like this sort of beauty blog feel free to notify me! Any suggestions to improve my blog or any posts you want to see would also be grateful. So just fill in the contact form linked at the top of my blog and let me know! Thanks for reading my little moonshines and speak soon!

Peace and love,

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