I’m After the ‘Paperchase’ // Review

I can’t believe I have been shopping here since I was twelve years old collecting stationary so I would be the coolest kid in school. To this day I’m still hoping for that to happen…

Paperchase is one of those stores that holds everything you need without even realising it. Most recently I got the owl pen, notebook and MacBook case because I really love owls. I love their wisdom and how damn cute they look on everything. Somehow you can put any colour on an owl (not literally) and it still looks so sassy!

Another item from Paperchase I gained this month is the map scrapbook. The 50 page square book contains little pockets to add in little accessories and memories that you don’t want to stick in.


This week I have been busy creating my scrapbook that consists of three of my favourite things: my friends, family and cheerleading. I have nearly filled the whole thing up with over 150 photos applied with Paperchase’s 500 transparent photo corners in date order.

Each photo I have added has a memory behind it so besides each photo I have written a short paragraph explaining each and every photo and the day behind it. My 5 years (and counting) within cheerleading is complete with two or three pages spare so there’s more potos to be added for next season which I’m so excited to take.

I have just started the section of my friends and I which I can’t wait to make it because every photo is hilarious or sweet and no matter what my friends and I have stuck by each other. That love is truly unconditional. I aim to finish it this week but I imagine with the lazy and unproductive brain I have it won’t be finished until the end of summer.


I have added a few pictures of the scrapbook and everything involved in this blog post which I hope you like. Once all the messages are written I aim to add mini bunting and accessories to make my scrapbook look as amazing as those seen on Pinterest (don’t expect miracles I doubt it will happen).

Lots of people ask me why I have made a scrapbook and I have a few reasons why. First of all I hate only having photos on my phone, it really doesn’t show the full-scale of the memory and it’s so easy to flick through Facebook to find photos but I feel you only truly appreciate their beauty when they’re developed.

As well as this I like to preserve my memories. When I leave for University next year I want to take something with me that is personal and valuable so that if I get homesick I can simply look into my book and see all of the amazing memories I have created knowing that when I go home I can see all these lovely people who drive me to succeed.



On top of that I just like to remember all the fabulous memories I have had. It’s one of my greatest fears to lose my memory and from all the accidents I have at cheer it wouldn’t surprise me if something so drastic would happen to me. With that I want others to see my book and know that they can look through it and see my greatest moments.

To me the book is a replica of a Spice Girls greatest hits album; it’s cheesy, funny, full of memories and reminds me of my childhood and I love the feeling of nostalgia.


Unfortunately the MacBook case and scrapbook isn’t for sale anymore but there is loads of owls and florals within Paperchase most of which are still online for you to have a look. Oh and don’t forget to get your Paperchase ‘Treat Me’ card that gives free click and collect, 15% off your next order, a free gift on your birthday and so much more.

If you want to hear more about my new mad scrapbooking skills head over to my Twitter @GeorgiaPinfold to see what I’m up to and send over your scrapbooking ideas. Also feel free to send me more ideas through the contact section on the top of this page so I can add to this weekly blog.

Remember shine bright moon shines and enjoy every moment of every day because you never know when it will be your last.

Peace and love,

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