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Well I never thought I would be a beauty blogger!! I have so many products that I love (and others I don’t love so much) that I thought maybe posting about them would make it easier to get quick reviews. Benefit Cosmetics are probably the most common brand in my makeup bag but it doesn’t mean that it’s my favourite. Today I will be reviewing ‘Sugarbomb’ and ‘Rockateur’ blush, ‘Fakeup’ concealer, ‘Hello Flawless’ foundation and powder, the ‘POREfessional’ primer. ‘They’re real’ mascara and push up liner, and ‘Browzings’ eyebrow kit. Each product has a link to the UK site where you can order online.


Sugarbomb – blusher £23.50
This the blusher I am currently using every day. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t require too much rubbing in and you only need to apply a small amount for a drastic look. The blush is split into four sections that can be applied for different sections of the cheek bone. For me however, I use all four of the peachy colours to create an even tone to use over both cheeks. For me these colours a bit too dark or too pink but if you are wearing a full face of makeup on a night out it can highlight your cheeks very well. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be paying £23.50 for a blusher though!


Rockateur – blush £23.50
Rockateur was one of the first products I ever received from Benefit. This blusher is different from Sugarbomb as it has a slight shimmer to it. For me this is more of a bronzer as I have very light skin and can be perceived as more of a tan rather than a glow. I went through Rockateur a lot faster than I’m currently going through Sugarbomb, but for me I prefer Rockateur and will be the blush I buy next!


Fakeup – concealer £18.50
When I first added Fakeup to my collection I went through a long stage of acne and teenage spots. This product was the right tone and gave great coverage even over my terrible spotting! This concealer is very easy to apply and looks like a pretty little lipstick that I love! This product is very well branded and will make your skin look a lot better. When I first used it I applied as a foundation rather than a concealer because I preferred it a lot more to the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation I received. With that I probably would buy this product again although I can’t justify spending £18.50 on a concealer!


Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow – foundation £26.50
One of the most overrated foundations I have ever used. I got this product after having my makeup done for me at Benefit Cosmetics in London and they said this colour matched my skin tone however it was the lightest shade and I still looked orange! From using this product multiple times I found it clogged my pores and seemed very thick on my skin. The only time I could use it was when I mixed it with moisturiser to make it a thinner paste. Definitely overpriced and not the foundation for me!


Hello Flawless – powder £25.50
I was pleasantly surprised when I used this powder because it did everything I needed it to do. I suffer from really baggy eyes and from using the concealer followed by this powder the line beneath my eye magically vanished! I absolutely love this product because it did make my skin look flawless!! When the product ran out I have to admit I did go back to my drug store £3.99 powder because it did a very similar job but was so much more cheaper. As a student I can’t afford to spend my money on expensive makeup when the cheap stuff does a good job too!


POREfessional – primer £24.50
I loved the look of this product when I first got it. The bottle it came in was the perfect colour and material which was a hook for me! When I applied the product to my skin I found it was very silky and looked a completely wrong shade for my skin. As much as I loved the feel of the product on my finger when applied to my face it was too velvety and felt wrong which I had never felt before! I will keep it in my bag but it will only be used when trialling other makeup looks.


They’re real! – Mascara £19.50
One of the prettiest and easiest mascaras I have ever used. The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t clog my lashes and they really do look incredible! I am now on my third bottle and I don’t know whether I could return to another mascara. As much as I love using a cheap drug store mascara there is no comparison to this product. I will be buying this product again even though I’m familiar to only spending up to £8 on a mascara… oh well!


They’re real! – eye liner £18.50
The precision on this eye liner is top dollar! Every time I use this product I can create a different look. I usually go for a classic fine wing but when I go all out with eye shadows and a pretty tri-colour blend I like to have a thicker look. This eyeliner is perfect for all the looks you want whether that be classic, basic, winged, dramatic, Egyptian or feline! Each look can be executed like a professional when you use this eyeliner!


Brow zings – eye brow shaping kit £24.50
My final product and probably my favourite product throughout the Benefit range. I use this product religiously every time I wear makeup. This is the only product I have ever used where my eye brows look incredible after using it. There is a choice to using the powdered side or a more wax based product as well as a free pair of tweezers. Personally I use the waxy side and it’s darker and looks better with my dark brown/black hair but in saying that the powder does just as a good of a job when trying to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows. I didn’t realise that this product was as expensive as it is but I have to say I will be buying it again when I run out!


Thank you to Benefit Cosmetics for sending me all these products to try! As much as I love them the price tag really isn’t for me. As long as I have brow zings I will feel ama-zings! I hope this post wasn’t too out there and unusual for me but secretly deep down I have a love for all things beauty. Maybe this will be a regular thing so you might see these ‘beauty’ posts every Friday @ 7pm as well as ‘lifestyle’ posts every Tuesday @ 8pm. For now this is a one-off and I hope you liked it!

Peace and love,

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