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To me creativity is the key to a successful career. In my eyes work shouldn’t be black and white using “just getting the work done as soon as possible” as a focus. I believe you should add colour and unique perspectives to everything you do. It’s all well and good if you’re happy to be the person who gets the work done but how amazing would it be if you were remembered for adding new and innovative takes on your work where you feel 20 times better when doing it.

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2001)


A huge part of my creative life is the director and producer Michel Gondry. The French legend has such a unique perspective of the world that his ideas alone create movies that are not just films but works of art. Gondry’s first full-length film debuted in 2001 and he is continuing to make films up to 2013.

The first film of his I watched was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which I believe is his most well-known. In the movie the protagonist Joel Barish played by Jim Carey (winner winner chicken dinner) and his girl friend Clementine Kruczynski played by Kate Winslet (absolute babe) fall out and erase each other from their brains using medical procedures.

The weird and wacky film uses Gondry’s one of a kind mind to produce a story with beautiful characters with a stunning storyline that wows me every time I watch it. Totally a film to watch if you’re interested in romantic comedies with a twist!

The Science of Sleep (2006)


The second Gondry film I saw was The Science of Sleep showing a graphic designers ideas come to life (in a nutshell). Obviously as the film was directed by Gondry there is a beautiful hue over the videos matching the lighting similar to photographs from a disposable camera which seems to be very hip hop/current at the moment.

The 2006 film puts imagination and romance together to create a film set inside the topsy-turvy brain of the protagonist Stéphane Miroux.

Mood Indigo (2013)mood-indigo

My third and final full length film I have watched directed by Gondry is Mood Indigo. From my perspective this film is truly remarkable and uses life threatening illnesses to Gondry’s advantage.

There is no cancerous or well-known heartbreaking disease involved but a flower to the heart – an uncommon way to die so it seems. This 2013 film is adaptation of Boris Vian‘s 1947 novel Froth on the Daydream and uses art as its focus, manipulating the camera to make moving images so inviting and breathtaking including my favourite Romain Duris (wow).

The only other piece of work I have seen with Gondry’s involvement is Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? A documentary based around the ideas of Noam Chomsky the English Language God who I happen to study a lot of. Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? (2013) is a hand drawn documentary that showcases ideas in the form of art, making it easier for young people to keep interested and involved while still being inspired by the work of Noam Chomsky.

For those above all include Michel Gondry. He is truly a colourful legend who has ideas that could change the world. I only wish that more people would see his work especially those who don’t live in France and know him as well. I also do hope this is not the end of Gondry although I really don’t know what he could do to top his creative brilliance.

A man who is a God in the looks department and starred in Mood Indigo and several other of my favourite French films including Chinese Puzzle is the beautiful and talented Romain Duris. Duris is a truly stunning French actor who plays in both serious Dramas and light-hearted Comedies. My favourite film of his so far is Populaire (click the link to watch the trailer).

Populaire (2013)


Populaire looks at the life of a super fast type writer who works alongside Romain Duris. She is entered into competitions with Duris as her guide but soon finds herself distracted by his beauty (like we all are) which sparks a romantic connection. The sweet light film is definitely one to watch 1. for Romain Duris, 2. for the beautiful hue and colours presented throughout the film and 3. the peculiar narrative and the creative instincts behind it.

Below is an image of Romain for you to either drool over or remind yourself of when wanting to watch a French film.

Roman Duris (hot damn)


I do hope that French films get bigger in the UK because the messages within them are so strong. The first French film I saw was Amelie and I have been hooked ever since. The French really know what love is and if you’re ever sat at home bored and finished all your favourite TV series’ then French films are definitely the next step especially ones directed by Michel Gondry.

Peace and love,


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