For most of my time I am inspired loving every living species on the planet, impressed by the way flowers grow into the sunlight and how they blossom when in season.


I love making people smile and seeing others share the same joy as me, but sometimes it can be tough. Sometimes you don’t want to get up in the morning and study all day or rehearse lines or work out or be as wonderful as you want to be. It’s times like these when you struggle, when you feel like there is nothing to boost you and you just want to sleep for days. It’s days like those when you have to fight, find someone or something that truly drives you.


How you find that piece of inspiration is up to you whether it be through books, music, art or images or something whacky on the internet find your buzz, the little light in your eyes that makes you sparkle. Find it and you will know. Everything will fall into place, even when you don’t think it will, when you think you are failing everything that society says is normal.


Don’t worry, be the flower that grows the tallest, or that glows closest to sun, be the ice cream that everyone wants a taste of, be who you want to be. Find your song to tell your story and shine bright my moon flowers.

Peace and love,

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Georgia Pinfold . GINFOLD . Weekly content every Tuesday 7PM (GMT) . Music reviews, video content and everything in-between .

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