My inner Leslie Knope

Today I finished the 7th series of Parks and Recreation and I couldn’t help but feel emotional. The 20 minute long episodes have made me laugh and cry since it began in 2009. To say it’s over makes me feel rather sad and I never thought that would happen.

The show stars one of my ultimate favourite actresses Amy Poehler who has inspiring morals and is one woman who I wish was my super cool auntie. She is super hilarious, sweet and has written a script that has captivated thousands if not millions as her audience.

Her witty sense of humour has won awards such as the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical in 2014! She is a living legend and Parks and Recreation is just the icing on the cake.


I started watching Parks and Recreation as a friend of mine posted a picture on Twitter about it. The plot based around a government employees trying to make their town of Pawnee a better place seemed far-fetched at first. Mocking the government could have seemed offensive and unrealistic but Amy’s approach was subtle, funny and made me want to work for the British Parks and Recreation department (if there was one). This one (Click here) in my local area didn’t seem very exciting in comparison to the hit TV show.


Each character had their own personality and each was played to captivate different audiences. Amy Poehler and her team didn’t leave out a character. The series was so realistic I wanted to be friends with each and every one of them I couldn’t even have favourites. I joke, Leslie was my clear favourite.


I’m sad the show is over and I’m yet to find what to watch next. Maybe I will finish watching Game of Thrones but the episodes are so long and there are so many I will never finish it! (That may be a good thing…) I love TV shows and I love watching them till the end but then hate it when they end. It’s a nightmare, but I love it.

I will miss the hilarious quotes that I intend to use in real life hoping to find someone who has also watched Parks and Recreation so I can find my very own Ann Perkins as my best friend loves fitness and healthy smoothies and I love waffles and coffee! Haha, whatever happens I just wanted to share my love for Parks and Recreation and how grateful that this amazing TV series was made. Wow.

Peace and love,

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