Life Coach?

I LOVE listening to people’s problems. At first I thought it was a problem with myself – not sorting out my own life so I’m sorting out others? I figured that was a lie. I’m pretty content right now. But I hate seeing people upset, I especially hate teenagers being upset because they are oblivious to what is ahead of them. (Seems weird as I’m a teenager too but oh well).

It’s good to have ambitions and dreams that will hypothetically work out, but what about right now? We have our whole lives ahead of ourselves and if we don’t live for today we will be wasting every day away and not having any memories to base our future on.

Today a good friend of mine broke up with her long time boyfriend (we’re teenagers so it was like a year – which is long for us!) She was tweeting about all the problems she’s having, but with no one to talk to I couldn’t let her go on. No one should have to deal with a break up alone, especially a teenage girl – we’re crazy.

I text her a very long winded, borderline essay to her:  Yeah, that’s right, it was so long it could probably be adapted into a self-help book. But in all seriousness, when she was feeling pretty rubbish I put a short smile on her face and that is all that mattered to me. I loved writing this to her, even if she didn’t want to read it right now.


To me seeing people smile is the nicest thing in the world, I love it. To make someone laugh or feel positive for a short time is captivating and I simply love it. It did get me thinking. This is not the first time I have sent a positive message. There are so many teenagers especially those who are girls and at school/college/sixth form who feel low (as does everyone else in the world) but these girls most of the time can’t handle their emotions.

I have sent at least 5 letters to girls in my year with positive messages and kick ass lil stories to get them through a bad time. This one to my friend was one I wanted to share. I don’t know specifically why I want to share it, but it seemed special.

Motivating others and making them feel better with words is just marvellous and it’s something I want to do for the rest of my life even if it is just sending anonymous positive notes in portaloo’s or to co-workers or even speaking to thousands through a Ted talk, I really have no idea.

What I do know is that I hate seeing people upset, so if anyone needs advice, a little motivating speech filled with heartfelt messages and quotes when you’re feeling sad. I’m your girl. I love listening, and making people feel better. I’m a virtual shoulder you can cry on.

Peace and love,

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