My newest love: 8tracks

8tracks the home of free music sharing. What a website… In short you can listen to a playlist of songs set by other users in a variety of genres of your choice!

It’s very easy and I love it! There are all sorts of playlists no matter what mood you’re in. Just click the tags you want to listen to whether that be a genre or mood and you’re away! Listen to popular playlists with gold or platinum disks next to them or undiscovered and rarely played playlists, it’s entirely up to you.

The one catch is that it’s very similar to radio in the sense that there is a set number of skips you can use on a playlist. If you don’t like the songs on the playlist you can skip a few but once you have skipped too many it moves on to the next playlist with similar tags and genre.


This amazing creation isn’t just available online at you can also get it on your phone or tablet which is awesome for music on the go or just plugging your device in a dock and listening to a variety of genres around the house.

My favourite tags at the moment are: indie, soundtrack, Disney, study, 90’s, instrumental, love, chill and oldies. Feel free to follow me at ginfold to check out some of my favourite playlists and what I’m listening to.


This website is simple and easy to use. There are so many apps that don’t show a variety of genres and styles but this one just fits the gap. I recommend this website/application and can’t wait to keep listening to my favourite old school songs or even some up and coming ones.

Click here for a funky playlist for feeling good and getting ready for summer.


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