#ThrowbackThursday Tumblr ‘bucket list’

Back in 2011 or whatever I joined Tumblr as apparently that was a cool thing to do at the time. The site was full (and still is) filled with random images that could either inspire you or disturb you. My original posts were probably really weird and I don’t particularly want to look back and now are filled with artsy cute pictures with really good filters and sweet little quotes (I’m inspiring, I know). A throwback is something hilarious and I though that in my random hour of not being able to sleep at 2am on a Thursday morning I will present my old Tumblr bucket list… Apparently that was cool too!


My very ‘cool’ blog which I believe started as an outlet of prepubescent feelings had a pretty radical bucket list that I wanted to share as a resort of embarrassment. I wanted to show you all that it is ok to be a weird pre-teen and we all go through phases. My biggest fear is that my bucket list is still pretty relevant, but I aim to add a few (and adapt others) to fit around my hopefully successful future…

“Everything I would love to do in my life:
  • Meet Fearne Cotton
  • Meet Josh Biondillo, Scarlett Stevens, Nick Gardner and Jordi Davieson (San Cisco)
  • Pass GCSE’s
  • Pass A-levels
  • Get a degree in Media, Drama or Journalism
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Travel to Fremantle – Western Australia
  • Get married
  • Fly on a plane
  • Get a cat
  • Go camping
  • Travel to Spain
  • Go to Disney World Resort (Florida, USA)
  • Get a tattoo
  • Get properly drunk
  • See the carnival in Rio, Brazil
  • Meet HAIM
  • Perform at a festival
  • Write a book
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Donate blood
  • Go to London
  • Learn to surf
  • Bungee jump
  • Go to Paris
  • Meet someone famous
  • Visit New York
  • Kiss in the rain (gay)
  • Plant a tree
  • Save a life
  • Shoot a gun
  • Take one photo a day for a year
  • Compete at a national level at a sport
  • Be a Bridesmaid
  • Learn to drive (specifically a Mini Cooper or Fiat 500)
  • Ride a horse
  • Go sailing
  • Pursue a career in Media
  • Learn how to swim
  • Learn the German language
  • Be an extra in a movie
  • Try paintballing
  • Make a difference to at least one person’s life

My ultimate fears had come true. I think everything on there is still true arhght. I guess I was a pretty smart pre-teen. I really hoped this would be a lot more exciting and embarrassing but turns out I did alright with the whole hopes/dreams/ambitions and I’m currently still sticking to my word so GO ME!!!! One thing I would like to add (and then cross off) is the fact I saw Taylor Swift last weekend live in concert and as she sang I wanted to pursue my singing career (HAHAHAHAH *laughs out loud*) On a serious note, I thought how amazing it would be to be that successful. Waking up in the morning with every one knowing how talented you are and not ever having to worry about little things like being late to work or running out of money in Primark….


I think I will keep my bucket list on my page as a reminded of all the things I have and want to achieve. Bucket lists can be embarrassing or even quite inspiring so I definitely recommend keeping one to remind yourself of your ambitions.
This suddenly got deep so I’m going to leave before it gets weird.

Oh and remember: Being apart of something doesn’t make you special, something is special because you are apart of it.
My favourite quote of all time which I believe is from Glee haha! Be ambitious and follow my tumblr…

ginfold.tumblr.com (it’s cool I promise)


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