BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend Norwich

Saturday night I can’t sleep due to the excitement knowing that I will be seeing The Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Jamie T, James Bay and several other talented acts the next day.

I force myself to sleep as a 12 hour day is ahead of me. When I wake I have a surge of excitement rush through my body… today is the day that I go to Norwich’s event of the year!!!

BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend is held in my home city of Norwich this year and that in itself is a big deal, nothing ever comes to Norwich. It is where Colman’s Mustard and Greg James originate from so we’re kind of a big deal… The music event was free with a ticket booking fee of £3.50. I managed to get myself 2 tickets so spent only £7 on these once in a lifetime tickets. It still seems surreal that I spent £7 to see so many amazing singers (excluding food which is where I spent all my money :()


I went to the Big Weekend with my very good friends Lucy, Katie and Libby. Each of us were very excited and wanted to see different acts. Lucy wanted to see James Bay and Foo Fighters, Katie wanted to see Taylor Swift and Catfish and the Bottlemen, Libby wanted to see Taylor Swift and I wanted to see Jamie T, Foo Fighters and James Bay. Each of our different music tastes brought us together to enjoy a day full of mixed

When we arrived we listened to Olly Murs. None of us were fans of his but knew all the words to his songs due to his songs being played constantly on the radio. He was entertaining and really enjoyable he even did Rapper’s Delight which I gladly sang along to! We were then caught in a huge rain shower so ran to buy waterproof coats at a nearby stand.

Catfish and the Bottlemen were well and truly incredible!! I didn’t realise that I knew all the words to all their songs so I did feel like their biggest fan in that moment. They’re definitely a band I would see if I got the chance again, especially if they came to Norwich again some day!

Although it was raining the atmosphere was incredible. Before that we had seen Jamie T who I adored! He was truly amazing and I never wanted his set to end. Every time I hear his voice I get all excited and want to dance and I have to admit I was dancing away with my friends to Zombie and Rabbit Hole as well as many others.


One artist my friends were really excited about seeing was Taylor Swift. The American goddess truly did impress me and I can’t say I’m a fan of her. She’s now my guilty pleasure, but I would only listen to her if I was with my friends or at a party. I can’t say she will ever be on one of my playlists! In saying that she was amazing on stage and did know how to work a crowd. The best part was that it cost me £3.5o to see all of these amazing artists!


The final performers of the night and one of my all time favourite bands were Foo Fighters and without a doubt Dave Grohl was my spirit animal. I adore him! There is something incredible about the music that he has made that really makes me smile. My friend Lucy did get very emotional when in ended like the majority of Foo Fighter fans.


All in all my Sunday was amazing and I can’t believe how incredible everything was. I ate great food, listened to great music and spent it with some great people. You could say I thought it was great! I can’t believe it’s over now but I’m so glad I went.

Peace and love,


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