Day 3: BBC Radio 1 Academy 2015

My final day at the academy seemed a little emotional. I was attached to this place. I had met so many talented people who work for the BBC and I had attended events that I never thought I would show up to.

To say it was over made me feel gutted because I didn’t want to go back to sixth form for exams, I wanted to be at the academy networking and learning new skills. My final event of the week was a radio workshop called: make a feature for Greg James which lasted 2 hours.

The session entailed a arranging ourselves into groups of fours to share ideas about radio features. We were given 90 minutes to create a new idea that could one day be heard on radio. Our idea was called ‘Headlies’ where there would be a headline read out and the presenter and guest would have to see if it was true of false etc.

The best of three would win bragging rights until the next show. There were about 8 groups in total who had to showcase their feature to Greg James and his producer Pippa Taylor and they had to choose their favourite one that could possible get aired. Each group got presented and after each one we thought ours was terrible!

It turns out that ours was their favourite and we all got applauded. Our silly little ‘Headlies’ feature could one day be showcased on Radio 1 (although, I really doubt that it will!) Afterwards I got to chat with both Greg and Pippa and they were both so god damn lovely!

I would love to have Greg’s job one day so he better watch out. If anything I would love to be the female version of him. He worked at Future Radio (a local radio station in Norwich) so do I. He did work experience at a local TV production company, so did I. He did a Drama degree, I plan on doing that next year.

He presents on BBC Radio 1, one day I hope to do the same. Haha! Overall my experiences at BBC’s Radio 1 Academy were amazing. I achieved so much in the space of three days and I cannot believe they came to Norwich. The whole experience was extraordinary and I hope one day I can do this for a living. It’s amazing and it’s such a shame it’s over. Until next time BBC…

Peace and love,


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