Day 2: BBC Radio 1 Academy 2015

Day two was even better than day one! I attended two workshops on Tuesday that were truly amazing. I turned up super early at 10am in the hope to meet my celebrity idol Fearne Cotton as I heard she was presenting her show live in Norwich. Fearne was there but unfortunately you had to be in a special schools group to watch her show so I had to wait like an idiot for 90 minutes before being allowed into the workshop. I was heartbroken I didn’t get to meet Fearne. I had told my friends and family that it was my goal to meet her that day, but I didn’t and I did cry on the bus on the way home (it seems so much more embarrassing when written down…) My first workshop was titled Become a music journalist. I had applied to any workshop with the word ‘journalist’ in so this one was just added to the list of things I wanted to do. The session was with local magazine Outline and there was a long list of activities we could get up to in the two-hour long workshop including photography, reviews and interviews. I obviously went with the interviewing section but unaware of what we were going to do. I was then told that we were interviewing a well known act but we weren’t told who. After deciding on groups the leader let us know that we were going to be interviewing Leona Lewis. At first I was stunned but once we had got down to business I thought of it as interviewing one of my friends. Ok, I lied. Being given the opportunity to interview Leona Lewis about her new single that was released the day before was kind of a big deal and couldn’t even be compared to interviewing one of my friends. Once we had calmed down we began to write questions to ask her that had to be checked by a member of staff from the BBC to check if they weren’t too edgy or could be seen as offensive. Whilst this was all happening I kept going over the situation in my head. I wasn’t even going to turn up today as Tuesdays are my favourite day at sixth form and didn’t think it would make a difference. Going from that to interviewing Leona Lewis seemed surreal. 5 people were asked to interview Leona and I was one of them. We asked her questions about her career, her ‘journey’ and of course her new single ‘Fire Under My Feet’ which is so catchy! You can read the interview here: It was a crazy experience that I never expected and definitely impressed the people at my school and that it was kind of a big deal. After being overwhelmed with excitement I went to a question and answer session with Fearne Cotton, Nick Grimshaw and Greg James who are all Radio 1 DJ’s. Seeing Fearne so close to me made me starstruck! All the questions they asked Fearne I knew the answers to as I had read her book and been obsessed with her since year 7 (still felt a little creepy though). It was so good to hear how other people felt about radio and it was so inspiring to hear their stories and how they were all normal people who got lucky. After the workshop I tried to get to Fearne, I ran from the stage to the exit she had gone out of but she was so fast that she had already got in a car and had left to go back to London which made me really sad and this was part of her last two weeks of Radio 1 and probably the one and only time she would come to Norwich unless she was going to BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend so decided I should go home. Overall Tuesday was amazing and completely changed what I wanted to do with my life. My head is currently so indecisive and I’m now trying to figure out what I want to do next…


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