Take the Plunge: BBC Radio 1 Academy 2015

This week I spent three days at the BBC Radio 1 Academy in Norwich and it has truly been an overwhelming experience. I went to attend a few workshops that would (hopefully) help me decide on what I want to do when I leave sixth form, plus I got some time off school –  a win win situation. However, I never expected to enjoy and learn as much as I did.

On Monday I went to a Q&A with Jake Humphrey who was interviewed by Rick Edwards (I melted) about his Norwich past and kick starting his TV career. He shared some funny anecdotes like getting fired from McDonalds for bad communication skills – how ironic!

He spoke about the lack of production companies in Norwich so there aren’t as many opportunities for young people in this city. But lighted the mood when he mentioned that he failed his A-levels giving me hope for the future! The hour-long session was interesting and was a good start to the week.

Afterwards I attended a CV and cover letter clinic. I got the job I have without a CV (I know, how lucky!) so I knew I would have to see what a good one looks like. With Jude Winstanley taking the session she taught me a lot about transferrable skills that would be useful when working in TV/radio. She mentioned TheUnitList.co.uk several times as a good website for finding jobs in TV and I also saw what a good CV looked like! It was definitely beneficial.

Without a break for lunch I was rushed into my final workshop of the day; a speed meet and greet with people who work in the media. Several companies turned up to tell us about kick starting our careers and informing us of their businesses.

Jude Winstanley (from the CV clinic) was there and talked more about The Unit List and its benefits. With others from BBC talent, Mustard TV and Access to Music I met Katherine Nash a news broadcaster for BBC Look East. I had seen her on the TV many times and was so shocked to see her at this event.

She told me she goes to bed at 8pm every night and gets up at 4 am just to do her job.

At first it shocked me, but thinking about it I guess if she is in this routine she must get used to it. She was so sweet and lovely and wished me luck for my future. She was the type of person that would be a dream to interview – she made jokes, was polite and even replied to my tweet when I got home. She definitely be a role model to many young aspiring news journalists out there.

Stay tuned for day 2. Peace and love,


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